Current issues

What is the difference between types of aesthetic tooth restoration with different restorative materials?

Different types of restorative materials can make aesthetic restoration of a tooth. We should underline that all materials used for it are light-curing but have different compositions and characteristics. Some of them are used only for restoration of tooth integrity and some – not only for restoration of a tooth form but also a tooth colour. In the latter case (colour spectrum restoration) it is an aesthetic restoration indeed (when a tooth part joining a gum and that at the cutting edge are of the same colour). At one visit we can restore from two to four teeth. Aesthetic restoration of two teeth takes about 2-2,5 hours.

What filling is better?

There is no notion in dentistry such as “the best filling”. Fillings can be light curing and chemical curing. Some restorative materials are used for large restorations of decayed tooth surface and some for partially defective teeth. The best filling is that one which meets a patient’s functional and aesthetic needs to the largest extent.

Elena Yu. Prikule, Restorative Dentistry

What better? Ceramic fused to metal or non-metal ceramic crowns?

Non-metal crowns look much nicer in the oral cavity compared with ceramic fused to metal ones which have a bar made out of the standard medical alloy. The main reason for it is light-curing.

If a bar is made of a “noble” metal alloy there is no need in fearing for aesthetics. In some cases patients suffer from a significant loss of adjacent teeth so it is necessary first to foresee functional load and then choose the most appropriate prosthetic construction.

Elena Yu. Prikule

Is it possible to fight periodontitis?

You cannot fight periodontitis once and for all. But you can stop the inflammation process in periodontal tissues. To help to do it we use methods to improve blood circulation and restore bone tissues.

Elena Yu. Prikule, Restorative Dentistry